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Chef Megan Mitchell

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Rustic Holiday Tablescape

Rustic Holiday Tablescape


  • 1 roll brown butcher or kraft paper
  • 10-15 white pillar candles in various heights
  • Fresh bay on the stems, long stems of rosemary, olive sprigs and white hypericum berries
  • 5 beautiful artichokes
  • 1 knife, fork and spoon, for stenciling
  • 1 large round dinner place, for stenciling
  • 1 black sharpie marker


  1. Line your table with the kraft paper. Depending on how wide it is, you may need to layer it twice lengthwise on the table. It should cover the entire top.

  2. Next stagger the candles in the middle, varying the heights. Tuck in the greenery around the candles, making sure it goes further down the table than the candles do. It should be fuller in the middle of the table than at the ends.

  3. Next tuck in the artichokes.

  4. Depending on how many seats you have, go from place setting to place setting using the dinner plate as a stencil in front of each setting. Using the sharpie stencil around the plate. Next do the same with the fork, knife and spoon. Fork on the left, knife and spoon on the right.

    If you want you can put the guests name in the circle of the plate.

  5. Before everyone sits down, light the candles and line the plates, napkins and flatware on a buffet table so people can grab then, fill their plates and then find their seats.

    DIY Courtesy of Megan Mitchell

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